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The future of UX design in the Metaverse

The 1992 novel, Snow Crash, introduced us to the idea of the metaverse – a futuristic, immersive virtual society. The term reappeared in the public consciousness when in October 2021, Facebook changed its name to Meta. This confirmed the tech giant's commitment to the inevitable internet evolution that is the metaverse. It is safe to say, that metaverse is not futuristic-fiction anymore, but a reality. 

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The Good and Bad of Sustainable Design

A review of the best and worst brands for sustainable design.

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The Sustainable Web Design Revolution

Sustainability is at the top of everyone’s agenda with the urgency to slow down global warming, a big part of which requires a big reduction in carbon emissions. The digital world is becoming increasingly aware of its impact and we are beginning to see a shift towards more sustainable web design.

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How to Write an Effective Strategy for your Eco-Friendly Brand

Eco-friendly brands are in demand at the moment, and that demand is set to stay. Conscious consumers are actively seeking out brands whose sustainability strategy aligns with their values and are abandoning those which don’t.

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Alternative Search Engines that do Social Good

Google is the most widely used search engine globally and has dominated the market for years. But what if we told you there were search engines other than Google that are just as effective and allow you to contribute to social causes simply by using them?[...]

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Augmented Reality for sustainability and transparency

There is a growing awareness amongst all generations about the impact their choices have on the environment. One survey revealed 81% of respondents felt strongly that companies should be helping to create a better future, for which sustainability and transparency are key.[...]

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On the 22nd of April 1970, the modern environmental movement Earth Day was born and continues to inspire consciousness and action across the world today. We have a look at some Earth Day inspired ideas that you as an individual can do to help tackle climate change. [...]

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The History of Earth Day: Inspiration to take small steps for environmental change
Revolutionary Graphic Design Trends Emerging in 2021

There are certain aspects of classic design that remain timeless. But events that impact people’s lives also influence the way creative arts evolve, and current graphic design trends are no exception. [...]

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According to the Global Confidence Survey, 81% of consumers globally feel that companies should be doing more to help preserve the environment - and people are actively doing their research before making purchasing decisions. This means your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy as an eco-friendly business is more important than ever. [...]

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5 Reasons why an Eco-friendly Business needs a Green SEO Strategy

As consumers and clients become more conscious of the impact of their choices on the environment, current design trends across industries are also responding to evolving sustainable practices. The last 12 months in particular have been full of devastating events, from the Covid-19 pandemic to huge wildfires. [...]

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