Design driven by ethical passion.



Design has a pretty big impact on the environment.

... and that is why little by little we started to change our mindset. As a sustainable creative studio we aim at creating a link between passion, business and our planet. Successful design is extraordinary, it can change wellbeing, lifestyles and the environment. We see this in our work for charities, in our Lab, where we brainstorm about social health, education and environmental solutions.

Our goal is to advise our clients on a more sustainable and ethical way of communicating their services, and to help them applying these principles to the design process. It is not a matter of limiting creativity, but of promoting a durable, socially useful and sustainable new way of doing business.


Humanity at the heart of every project.

We help your company to understand the impact of being ethical by providing you with a step-by-step guide to sustainable production and conscientious management of goals. The adoption of a green strategy will help the image of your company to grow stronger and more credible, because the modern consumer is not only attentive to the quality of a product, but also to the sustainability of the process that led to it.

Our efforts in providing more ecological solutions and supports (eco-design, recycled papers, etc.) are aware of the fact that additional investments from the client side are necessary, and we strive to mitigate this impact as much as possible. Most of our customers appreciate this approach and find it rather interesting: get in touch to know more!


Responsible and pragmatic design solutions.

  • Sustainable strategy

    We try to integrate sustainability, technology, and social purposes in our strategies in order to drive real culture change. We are of the opinion that as designers we need to change the mentality of “beautiful” and “economical” work, to include a better understanding and strategy to slow down the negative impact that design has on our planet.
    We are also aiming to get the B Corporation certificate within this year.

... through our eco-responsible creative studio, we have set up a system, where for each new project signature, we commit to planting trees for our clients...”
Nicholas - Creative Partner

Green is cool but not easy!

Here is what we try to put in place to consider environmental issues.
Being green is not easy, but at least we are trying and sustainability starts from your internal communication mindset:

  • Our corporate identity is printed on 100% recycled paper and printed locally;

  • We choose local printers who are certified MyClimateFSC and PEFC;

  • We set up a system, where for each new project, we plant trees for our customers;

  • Files are transmitted online and printed only if really necessary on recycled paper;

  • We transferred all our websites on Hetzner, 0% CO2 hosting provider and which uses 100% of its energy from renewable sources to power the servers in its data centers.

  • The majority of our appointments are virtual and during external appointments we favor if possible travel on foot, by bike or by public transport.

  • Coffee aluminum capsules? What are they?

  • No plastic policy;

  • We have an environmental, energy and waste reduction/recycling policy in operation (no, it is not normality, unfortunately there are still companies that do not recycle...)

  • We prefer the use of search engines like Ecosia — helps plant trees through searches; OceanHero — helps collect plastic from oceans through searches or Lilo which fund social and environmental projects with every search done.

We are probably not going to save the world, but at least we try to contribute as much as we can and we hope that other companies will follow the same path. We know that the more united we are, the more positive the impact will be.

Let’s be part of the change and please have a look at our manifesto!

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