European Convention Center Luxembourg
European Convention Center Luxembourg

Your unique congress center.

The European Convention Center contacted us with the aim of carrying out the first post Covid-19 communication campaign, with an emphasis on web/digital communication.


Two of the three mother campaign visuals.

Relaxed, eye-catching visuals.

As it was important to showcase the incredible rooms offered by the ECCL, we did not hesitate to use the images provided by the client. In order to give a tone of humour, as well as a great visual impact, we developed a series of illustrations that we afterwards placed over the photographic images.


Evolution of illustrations.

The human figures are represented in an unreal and disproportionate way, contrasting small heads with large torsos and hands. This type of illustration, which is very much in vogue, brings dynamism to the composition.


For the creation of the posters we selected three images that represent the variety of rooms and purposes that the European Convention Center Luxembourg has.


media plan

The right time and place.

We developed a media plan from June to December, focusing on digital media. We chose the most relevant media, at the same time linked to our client and their target audience.

In a second stage, the client asked us to focalise the communication on one of its best products, Easy event package plus. We developed a new illustration and a series of icons that give a clear idea of the services that integrate this package.


TendanceNomad magazine.


Paperjam finance newsletter.


We worked around the term Unique by creating a universe of shapes and colors that depart from the canonical imagery of a convention center.”
Nicholas - Creative Partner
Image of Co2 neutral label