Ministry for Digitalisation
Ministry for Digitalisation

The digital world within everyone’s reach!

The Ministry for Digitalisation came to us once again to develop their first campaign for the promotion of their website and for the digital inclusion for everybody.


Poster campaign.


Nice to see you again!

We decided to use the characters we had already developed to ensure the continuity and consistency of the communication.
The campaign was conducted in 4 languages: English, French, Luxembourgish and German.

media plan

The importance of being in the right place.

The media plan focused on the most relevant medias in Luxembourg. A variety of newspapers and bus shelter posters made up the print part. We created a motion graphic which was shown on screens such as the one at the central train station, on the trams and on TV. In addition, we also managed the advertising campaign on Google, Facebook and YouTube.


Abribus at Lycée Technique de Bonnevoie stop.

Short animations displayed in different parts of the city, such as on the screens in the central train station.

When exporting animations in HTML5 format, we ensure a good image quality. Having animations instead of static images provides more engagement with users.

tv spot

Something about the TV spot.

For the TV commercial, we developed various issues of the digital world that people often encounter. The final message invites the user to contact ZesummenDigital for any questions they may have.

RTL video.

In the age of photography, choosing an illustrated visual language made the campaign very impactful on the streets of Luxembourg.”
Florencia - Designer
Image of Co2 neutral label