Rolling into a Birthday surprise.

Raiffeisen asked us to propose a fresh design for the Birthday Cards for their young clients at the age of twelve, fifteen and eighteen. To add a little twist, we had to find a way to integrate a game with the possibility to win 55€. Receiving these instructions, we wanted to find a solution which combined print and digital.


Raiffeisen - Birthday Cards

Concept and Design

A tri-fold card
with a playful paper construction.

To tackle this challenge, we wanted to find a way for the Birthday Kid to have an interactive experience with the card. We decided to stay with the Birthday theme and offered the possibility to "Pop the balloon"; "Cut the cake" and "Open your present" depending on their age. One page of the card would be double-layered and perforated with a fitting illustration, so the paper could be ripped open and reveal if the person did lose or win.

  • Pop the balloon!

The illustrations

A Storytelling appealing to three different age categories.

We had to address three different targets: Twelve, Fifteen and Eighteen. So we needed a visual that would appeal to a child, a teenager and an adult. We decided to go with fun illustrations that would follow the development of two characters, who are accompanied by Raiffeisen throughout their process of growing up.


Eigthteen years


Twelve and Fifteen years


Envelopes - Front



A Digital Aspect

The combination of print and digital.

In order to reduce the content on the card and leave space for the illustrations and the game itself, we decided to add a digital aspect. We integrated a QR code which can be seen after the double-layered page has been ripped open. The client has to scan the QR code and will be redirected to a specific webpage which will reveal the result and give more specific information on all the perks that the bank has to offer.

Better luck next time…


Website Illustrations


The whole process to bring this idea from concept to screen and then to paper was a fun challenge. In the end this is one of my favourite projects so far.”
Céline - Designer
Image of Co2 neutral label