Innovative steel facts in one brochure.

ArcelorMittal needed a new and fresh layout for their "Fact book 2023", which incorporates their new brand guidelines. In addition to creating the brochure, we had to integrate Augmented Reality (AR) to give the readers more detailed information about the steel manufacturer through videos, image galleries and animations.


ArcelorMittal Europe - Fact book 2023


A modern layout
with corporate guidelines.

The brand guidelines of ArcelorMittal gave us a lot of possibilities to play with the layout. A warm gradient, bright colours, a modern font and four different shapes, which were created out of their symbol, gave their fact book a new look & feel. We also had to think about a placement of multiple QR Codes so that we could integrate the AR elements later on.

The brochure

Look & feel.

Augmented Reality

As a second step we created QR Codes with the integrated AR elements, which includes videos, images, animations and links to the ArcelorMittal website.
By holding the phone camera over the QR Code, the static images of the brochure become animated and create an interactive experience for the reader.

AR - SmartSheetPile Video

AR - Picture Gallery © Philippe Bonon, A+Architecture

The brand guidelines, including the shapes and colours gave us a lot of possibilities to play with the layout.”
Céline - Designer
Image of Co2 neutral label