Ministry of foreign affairs Luxembourg
Ministry of foreign affairs Luxembourg

In the service of humanitarian assistance. provides an end-to-end solution for rapid emergency telecommunication.

It's a platform created to re-establish communications following man-made or natural disasters, supporting the coordination efforts of humanitarian organizations in the field.



Branding, digital content strategy,
webdesign &
social media.

For, we handled the graphical charter for all communication channels, developed a visual universe for online and offline communication, and designed and developed their new website, with a more modern and accessible touch.

In the first phase, we conducted a brand workshop with the client to better understand their needs, missions, and future goals. Once we compiled an analysis document, we were ready to proceed with the concept and design phase.

Workshop & wireframing
Branding & Graphical Charter

A refresh for a strong symbol.

We advised the client to slightly adjust the logo in order to make it breath. The space of the letter "e" was used to create white space above, below, and on the sides. We also developed a version with the tagline "luxembourg's emergency response" providing the client with logo variations depending on the context., as a humanitarian aid organisation necessitating swift action, inspired us to propose a design that seamlessly combines speed with a sleek and minimalist aesthetic.


One symbol, many interpretations.

We set out to create a symbol that would go along with the design across various mediums. Starting with the "e" in the logo, we removed its lower portion to craft a bridge, symbolizing collaboration between and its partners. This symbol can also evoke a sunrise, which also stands for hope. Additionally, the rounded element recalls the satellite ball used in post-disaster situations.

This symbol serves as a signature across various communication mediums or as a graphic element integrated as an overlay on images.

Print media & gadgets
Social Media Advice

Enhancing the social media feed.

Recognizing the importance of leveraging social media platforms, especially for entities like, we crafted a series of posts to enhance's social media feed. Each post features unique layouts and graphic elements to maintain engagement and visibility.


Social Media Posts for Meta and LinkedIn.


Accessibility first.

Working on the website was a pleasant challenge. We dismantled the old site from a content perspective to reorganize the information hierarchy and create a new structure.

After an initial wireframing phase, we dressed up an elegant, minimal and impactful design with typographical games. The biggest challenge was to create a visually appealing, modern website that also adhered to web accessibility guidelines (AA). The site is fully accessible and received an official accessibility statement released by, our accessibility testing partner.

The functionality to filter the missions was added, not present in the previous version, to enhance the user experience related to projects. It allows users to access information more easily and intuitively.


Another interesting element is undoubtedly the interactive map showing all the missions, with a colour difference between the active ones (red) and the terminated ones (in black).


Website homepage.

Responsiveness : mobile view.

We are thrilled to collaborate with as we support an entity which is helpful in assisting people in critical situations.”
Nathalie - Creative Partner
Image of Co2 neutral label