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We had the opportunity to redesign the student subscription platform of Sodexo that allows parents to access the school's meal management area for their children. The project included the development and design of the new Sodexo education dashboard and the revamp of their public website in accordance with their new graphic guidelines.



Creating the dashboard

The objective was to create a functional, intuitive and optimised tool to allow parents to access different information about their children's diet at school. We therefore completely redesigned the ergonomics of the existing dashboard.

The aim was to allow parents to have a global view on the information related to each child and to be able to manage their personal profile page.


We have also added a notification system so that parents can be informed of their children's status and upcoming payments. 


To improve the user experience, we have added quick action buttons allowing parents to access their children's profiles, their invoice and a contact page.

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user experience

Improve the customer journey

To gain in coherence and efficiency, the user path has been completely redesigned. The forms for creating an account and adding a child have also been reorganised and simplified.


We have integrated credit card payment systems based on the SaferPay platform and payconiq.

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In line with Sodexo's graphic charter, we also worked on an iconography. Simple and modern, the elements are based on the codes of the existing website and icons.


Creation of the website

To accompany the creation of this new dashboard, we developed a new website. This redesign, based on Sodexo's new graphic guidelines, makes the user experience more user-friendly and more modern with accessible blocks and more distinct sections.


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A very interesting project to work on because we didn't have to reinvent everything but rethink the way things were presented in order to provide a better and smoother UX for the end users.”
Dimitri - Developer
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