Ministry of digitalisation
Ministry of digitalisation

For a digitally inclusive society.

Following the Government Council on September 24th 2021, the Ministry for Digitalisation wrote ‘The National Action Plan for Digital Inclusion’. We had the privilege to design the whole layout of this brochure. This action plan aims at facilitating the emergence of a digitally inclusive society, while laying a solid foundation for sustainable actions and making digital an economic and social lever for all those who choose digital.


Brochure cover.


Brochure eco-design & accessibility.

To begin, we have created 3 ‘digital’ symbols to represent the 3 levers of digital inclusion. Each chapter entry will use one of the symbols and on the cover we will have a composition of all 3. The very minimalistic design can help to reassure the reader as minimalism gives an impression of simplicity, fitting perfectly with the topic of the brochure. In order to be more environmentally friendly, we worked mainly in black and white with touches of a bright Pantone colour to recall the colours of digital. The brochure was printed locally and on a 100% certified recycled paper. We also used the Verdana typeface as it is known to be one of the most AA-friendly typefaces.

Look & feel
Web design

From print to digital.

To complete the brochure, we also had the honour of designing the digital platform that will gather all the strategic levers the Ministry plans to put in place in the coming years. Following strict accessibility design codes and providing clear messages, this website was carefully thought through in collaboration with the CTIE.

Design is not only about making projects look nicer, it’s also about problem solving. I loved learning about design and accessibility, as it’s a factor that’s not considered enough in my opinion. If more people are able to understand the content of the brochure thanks to its AA design, it’ll be a big personal win!”
Margaux - Designer
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