Ministry of Mobility and Public Works
Ministry of Mobility and Public Works

All the bus lines in your pocket.

We were pleased to be chosen by the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works to develop RGTR's new campaign. The main objective of this campaign was to communicate the new national bus network, as well as the multiple advantages of travelling by bus.


The three campaign visuals, in different languages.


Focusing on what is important.

To achieve a clearly understandable campaign we developed three visuals, with messages that encompass the modifications to the RGTR bus network.
The main elements are the route lines, which sometimes turn into arrows. We used 7 different colours to represent each of the national bus operators.

media plan

Developing the right media plan.

We were also in charge of the concept of the media plan and of its establishment. The selection of the medias has been made with our target audience in mind. It was important that our messages reach Luxembourg as a whole, as well as the many people commuting to work every day from neighbouring countries.

We developed print publications, abribus prints, full back buses, a radio and TV spot, as well as several animations for different digital medias. Social networks were covered too.


Abribus at Gare Rocade stop

The video, about 30 seconds long, allowed us to amplify the message a bit, emphasising the advantages of travelling by bus. They were shown on television, on social media, as well as on the screens of the Luxembourg tramway. A radio spot completed the set.


Luxembourg tramway

Instead of developing static ads, we took the opportunity to create animations that we then exported in HTML5 format. This ensures a good image quality, but also more conversions (user clicks).


The city map always with you.

The core of this campaign is the bus network map with all the information necessary for the people to move freely through the entire country. We accompanied our client in this challenge and proposed an accordion or "Z" format that fits perfectly in the pocket when closed.

To make this product accessible to everyone, we have created a user-friendly website where people can order their map and have it delivered to their home address.


The RGTR website.


The national bus network map.

As this was a 360° campaign, the design process was challenging but it was also a great experience for me, from print to animation.”
Céline - Designer
Image of Co2 neutral label