Ministry of Mobility and Public Works
Ministry of Mobility and Public Works


A 360° road safety campaign throughout Luxembourg, to remind people to respect distances between road users in a friendly tone of voice around the iconic song by Aretha Franklin: Respect. From print to digital, tv and radio, another great collaboration with MMTP and Securité Routière.


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webdesign & road.

  • Not going for usual dramatic consequential campaign;
  • Storytelling, positive awareness, humour and creativity
  • Consider cars, bicycle, motorcycles, buses and pedestrians;
  • Rhythmic Campaign, include musical influence, we chose Respect by Aretha Franklin;
  • Easy to read, straight to the point;
  • Use social strength of hashtags.

The illustrations for this campaign have been created while keeping a retro old school style, as the chosen era is around the 1970s.

  • Elevator prints.

Motion graphics

TV ad: Respect My Space.

I truly enjoyed the creative process of this campaign - it conveys a serious message together with a friendly tone of voice, accompanied and based on the years of the iconic song Respect by Aretha Franklin. So, on your way home, please don’t forget R.E.S.P.E.C.T.!”
Audrey - Designer
Print material
Image of Co2 neutral label