Mobilité Luxembourg
Mobilité Luxembourg

#ItsABigDay with Freemobility.

Following an invitation to tender, our studio won the competition for the concept & design of the free public transport campaign. Indeed, Luxembourg became the first country in the world to offer nationwide free public transport on 1st March 2020. This date will be anchored in history, just like the first step on the moon. Beside the visual identity, which was inspired by the Hashtag symbol, Quattro developed the printing support, like the press kit, the folders, etc... The campaign was visible all around the country, on buses, tram and trains, at the stations, in the street, at the Cinema... Various motion graphics were realised, a video with a special sound realised in collaboration with PimpMySound and also a website in 2 languages. Quattro managed the whole media plan & social media plan.

look & feel
What an honour to work on such a big project. It was my very first campaign when I arrived at Quattro and I must say, what an adventure! The collaboration with the client was amazing and I had so much fun illustrating the world’s big firsts!”
Margaux - Designer
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