Luxinnovation - Luxembourg Trade and Invest
Luxinnovation - Luxembourg Trade and Invest

Augmented Reality meets Crossroads.

This is the first edition of the Crossroads Magazine, an international publication of Luxinnovation and Luxembourg Trade and Invest. It is a showcase of the technological excellence and the potential innovation of the luxembourgish economy. It also presents augmented reality features for the print version.

Crossroads Magazine Cover.


Magazine design & sustainability.

As Luxinnovation gives sustainability a very high priority, they chose this topic for its first edition of the magazine. It became our goal to design the magazine in the most sustainable way as possible.

In terms of layout, we created outlined illustrations in order to use less ink in printing and proposed to print less copies and use the digital version to reach more audience.

Look & feel
Augmented reality

QR codes & augmented reality.

Given the sanitary and ecological crisis we are living in, encouraging interactive magazines can be a real springboard for engagement.

Creating a magazine 4.0 makes the object more intriguing and therefore engages the reader a lot more.

Thanks to AR, the interactivity of a magazine will give a whole new dimension.

When scanning certain images we enhanced the contents by showing interviews directly from the print version. This is also very sustainable because it helps us save layout space, hence decreasing the number of pages.


Same magazine, different topics.

Each issue follows the same design principle: light grey background, strong imagery in the forefront, highlighting one of the main subjects and the famous Luxembourgish cross symbol. Discover the promotional video by clicking on the covers below. Be sure to come back each semester for the new edition.

Working on this project was so positively challenging because it really made us question the future of print and how we can make it more sustainable...”
Margaux - Designer
Image of Co2 neutral label