Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg
Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg

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A 360° campaign throughout Luxembourg to make people aware that the Bibliothèque Nationale du Luxembourg is not specialised only in literature, arts and history. In this campaign, the BnL wants to highlight its vast collection of scientific, political and philosophical documents.

Campaign: "Is genetic engineering the future of life sciences?".


A series of five questions challenges the reader.

The questions chosen do not have a simple and ultimate answer. They invite the reader to do research to form a valid opinion. To this end, the BnL’s collection officers have written reading tips related to these five topical questions. Whatever big questions in life you ask yourself, the answers can be found at the BnL.

The campaign appeared on the streets, on buses through the national territory, in the newspapers and on TV. A big presence of ads on the social networks completed the communication strategy of the BNL.

Variations of posters.

© Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg / Marcel Strainchamps.

Motion Graphics

TV ad: Stay curious - and start your research now!

© Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg / Marcel Strainchamps.

  • Full back bus.

From strategy to the deployment of the different media, we have found a modern and dynamic visual solution that especially stands out in the commercial TV broadcast on RTL...”
Nicholas - Creative Partner
Social Media

© Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg / Marcel Strainchamps.

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